With the furnace being our largest power consumer in the home, we can reduce our heating bill significantly using a programmable thermostat: setting lower temperatures when we are sleeping or at work.

Most newer furnaces have been installed with a programmable thermostat versus the old style, one temperature setting for all of the time. They are a very worth while investment, but if you buy one make sure it is user friendly. Honeywell is consistent with their ability for everyone to walk-up and set it.

In fact, if you have a thermostat adjuster in your home, you can change the temp and it will resort back to the schedule when the next cycle comes around. So if you turn it up while reading at night, it will automatically reset at the next scheduled time or cycle, not stay at the higher setting you’ve adjusted it to.

Several companies re-brand the Honeywell, so compare the units to find a well priced one. I lowered my normal temperature to 68 degrees and find myself occasionally walking over to the thermostat to turn it up temporarily, when I’m feeling a chill or we’re watching a movie and want to be cozy.

My thermostat automatically resets itself at the next cycle to the preset temperature. The difference from 72 degrees to 68 usually isn’t very noticeable if you wear a sweater. With the winter cold starting to chill things out, do you use a programmable thermostat for your furnace?

Do you set it back at night and how many degrees?

Do you set it back during the day when your away at work?